Gaylian Hein, LAc, Dipl.OM, CMT

Did You Know?

  • An Acupuncturist is a Primary Care Provider and referral may not be required for insurance billing purposes. For more information regarding your insurance benefits please contact your insurance company or call us and we can help you confirm your benefits.

  • A California Licensed Acupuncturist has spent  three-four years accumulating 3,000+ hours of education in an accredited graduate program. In addition to the rigorous academic curriculum they have seen over 350 patients before graduating with a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

  • Acupuncture needles are sterile and disposable, making your experience safe and comfortable. Each needle is used only once and then placed in a Sharps container for proper disposal. Needles are never placed in a trashcan.

  • Acupuncture is a generally safe method of treatment, but it may have some side effects including bruising, or tingling near the insertion site.

  • An Acupuncturists Scope Of Practice includes Nutrition Counseling, Herbal Medicine, Oriental Massage, Moxibustion, Cupping, ElectroAcupuncture.

  • Acupuncture treatments are highly individualized - for example, if 20 people with the common cold received acupuncture all 20 people may have different acupuncture points chosen as part of their treatment.

  • There are many parallels between Western Medicine and Asian Medicine. For example, a common sign of Gall Stones, in addition to pain in the abdomen, is pain along the shoulder. The Gall Bladder Meridian runs along the shoulder.

  • Many of the 365 acupuncture points used in Traditional Asian Medicine correspond to nerve bundles or muscle trigger points identified by the Western Medical field.